When you're ready to make it real, we're ready to help you create it.

The Big Idea

We are a private member business community built on a fully dynamic platform. With a robust yet easy to navigate interface members are treated to the Ultimate in First-Class network media formats and tools directly within the platform. The structure makes for a much richer and more realistic experience that will get you wanting to learn, participate, and apply your new skills to develop your business everyday.

Designed to get the most out of our learning and community assets we've made it possible for you to choose what and how you want to learn and engage with, while providing fun ways to keep you on track, sharp, inspired, and motivated as you travel on your business journey.

We make enjoyable experiences by creating guided weekly calendars, monthly community engagement themes, and Live Hubs where business topics are explored, discussed, and help content is curated for further reading/watching/sharing/learning and discussion. We keep it real with actual live office hours and the opportunity to request help specific to your needs. Programs are created and developed out of your actual needs, not in a vacuum.  For more practice, discovery and exploration, we hold one on one chats, group discussions,  webinars, challenges, and events. 

We are strongly focused towards community and learning, creating and supporting Live Hubs and programs focused on the full spectrum of business creation, establishment and development.

Enjoy The Benefits

We're creating an environment that promotes business, individual, and community wellbeing, aiding the least to the most savvy person to be competent and prosperous. 

Whether you are just thinking of ideas or you are 5 years into your business, the learning never stops, we'll work together with you to build an environment that grows through participation, to be your go to place online, where help, learning, and growth is commonplace, not the exception. Members of Help Hub support and encourage each other on their journey, build strong relationships, and gain the skills needed to be more effective, happier, and brilliantly successful. 

Added Benefits - Growth does not happen over night, or in a vacuum, it happens in stride, over time, through commitment, community, dedication, accountability and effective action. Consider this an investment in yourself as well as your business and community. To make sure you get the most out of your time, we give you your own private full feature hub to practice, work, and even collaborate with others if you want. Through consistent weekly progress towards your goals over the course of a year, with our community and host support, you'll be able to more effectively develop your business ideas while laying strong foundations to build upon for continued success. With year long opportunities to learn and become proficient in the application and understanding of various disciplines for complete business development support. 

The benefits of investing in yourself are countless and multiply over time while helping you create stability and maintain a realistic and positive mindset.

About The Help Hub

We are creating a place online for startups, freelancers, and business owners to network while getting the help they need, at their convenience, in real time. 

We started with a really big idea, we wanted to make learning various real world business skills, concepts, and tools accessible to anyone with the desire for help reaching their goals. But we wanted it to be just as usable and valuable for the beginner as it would be for the pro. We also needed it to be conducive to learning, growing and building relationships.

A structured place you could pop in to ask for help, access exclusive business help content, with weekly and monthly workshops to strengthen your core skills and knowledge, while keeping you focused and motivated. Together we'll build solid foundations for your business journey, while collaborating with others doing the same thing.